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     Their rug cleaning specialists turned around the state of my beautiful rug, so much so that it was unrecognisable by the time they'd finished. CrossnessCarpetCleaning made my rug look as good as new, whilst still maintaining its old-fashioned charm.
Jimmy T19/05/2020
     I am very satisfied with the domestic cleaning that they performed at my flat. I'm sure that it has never been cleaner.
Maureen Wilcox20/09/2019
     Keeping my flat clean isn't something that I claim to be good at! So it's awesome that there are pros out there that specialize in cleaning! CrossnessCarpetCleaners were great, and were pretty darn cheap for the good work that they do. They took care of everything, the carpets, the tiled floors, everything looks like it's brand new! If it sounds like I'm gushing about this company, then it's because I am! Give them a call, see what they can do for you. For me, they did a marvelous job and I'll definitely be hiring them again at some point!
     I am very happy with the house clean I got from CrossnessCarpetCleaners. I work two part time jobs and look after two children, so finding the time to clean my home was very, very difficult and my house was slowly becoming more and more filthy over time. I contacted the company after reading some positive reviews online and I'm really glad that I did. My house looks fantastic now and I no longer have to be embarrassed when we have company over! This is a really professional service and I'd recommend them to anyone who struggles with cleaning their home!
Leanne F.08/07/2014
     Given that many services now seem to come with hidden costs and the like, I was pleased to find a cleaning company that didn't seem to be trying to scam anybody! CrossnessCarpetCleaners are an excellent addition to the services that I use, all of whom have shown a desire to do a decent days work for a decent wage, rather than trying to trick the customer out of their hard earned cash. If you value good service for good money, then these are the sorts of people that you want cleaning your home!
Timothy G.05/03/2014

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